To manage the cleanliness and appearance of your apartment building or rental properties in Minneapolis or Twin Cities suburbs, hire our experienced and professional cleaning team. Our cleaning and management service also covers professional cleaning services for every floor of your building.

We provide move-out/move-in clean-up of tenant apartments, as well as ensuring that the apartment building is tidy and clean. Detailing includes (but is not limited too):

  • Cleaning offices and vacant apartments to ensure they are move-in ready

  • Emptying of garbage cans and disposing of garbage

  • Ensuring that entrances are neat and clean

  • Vacuuming of carpets

  • Mopping of floors or special treatment of wood floors

  • Cleaning of light fixtures on ceiling and walls

  • Sanitizing surfaces

  • Cleaning of public bathrooms

*Special requests may include cleaning of windows, power washing non-carpeted areas, etc.

Also providing apartment, office, and medical office cleaning for the western suburbs: WAYZATA - MINNETONKA - EDEN PRAIRIE - CHASKA - PLYMOUTH – HOPKINS

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