You got the first call out of the way. Now what?

Congratulations, you got the “scariest” part of the process out of the way. The first call to get an estimate can seem overwhelming. Technically, you’re still far away from that clean house or office space you’ve been wanting for so long. So what do we do moving forward?

1. We walk through your space

After the call we schedule a time where we can see your space together.This step is really important.Together we go through your space and estimate the costs. On our end we have to figure out how much of our resources are needed (that includes cleaning supplies if we’re bringing them), and how much time it will take.

During the walkthrough we also take note of any areas that may need special attention. These areas are usually hard-to-clean spots such as tucked away corners, or air vents. In a commercial setting it could also mean areas that contain sensitive client information. We also note if you need deep-cleaning services such as carpet cleaning or power washing.

You should know - if you’re providing the cleaning supplies please make sure to tell us so we can discount your bill!

2. Quick wait period

Even though we don’t want to wait, we have to. Before we begin the cleaning we take approximately 1-2 weeks to set everything up. The point is to make sure we have everything prepared and ready to go, once we start cleaning we can continue.

During this time we gather whatever cleaning supplies we need, schedule the necessary staff, and set up the billing with the customer. After everything is finished, we should have a “well-oiled machine” that is cleaning your space at the right times, and how you’d like it to be done. .

3. We stay in touch

Communication is a value that drives our business so we value your feedback. We want to make sure we’re keeping our promise of detailed cleaning. Especially if you like things done a certain way, we want to make sure you’re satisfied.

Our goal is to be in to be in touch consistently, even if things are going well, to make sure you’re happy. Since we’re a small company every client has direct access to Eli (our CEO) if anything comes up. Call, text, or email and we’ll make sure to get back to you right away.

Debbi Rabenstein