Whether you need us in downtown Minneapolis or the Twin Cities suburbs, we specialize in office, medical office, restaurant cleaning, and other related services. Our clients want their environment noticeably cleaner, shinier, more energetic and productive. Whether you need an affordable building cleaning service or you are looking for someone with janitorial experience to maintain your office, we guarantee that we’ll get into the details – the dust behind the screen or in the corner.

Details are our specialty. We will ensure that your office is cleaner than it’s been since the day you moved in. Detailing includes:

  • Dusting of desktops, computers, phones, etc.

  • Sanitizing surfaces

  • Cleaning of bathrooms

*Special requests may include cleaning of windows, power washing non-carpeted areas, etc.

  • Cleaning/dusting blinds

  • Emptying of garbage cans and disposing of garbage

  • Vacuuming of carpets

  • Mopping of floors or special treatment of wood floors

Also providing apartment, office, and medical office cleaning for the western suburbs: WAYZATA - MINNETONKA - EDEN PRAIRIE - CHASKA - PLYMOUTH – HOPKINS

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